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Literature relating to the color "purple":


Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse ~ Kevin Henkes

Harold and the Purple Crayon ~ Crockett Johnson

Princess Prunella and the Purple Peanut ~ Margaret Atwood

I Love You the Purplest ~ Barbara Joossee

Mr. Pine's Purple House

Purple Is Best

Purple Hair? I Don't Care!

Purple Song
(tune of Jingle Bells)

P    U    R    P    L    E
Purple is just right.
Grapes and plums,
Jack Horner's thumb.
Shades of purple bright.


After reading Harold and the Purple Crayon, make a class book, "Kindergarten Children and the Purple Crayon". Each child contributes a page with a drawing and could only use a purple crayon.  They dictate a story about their picture and the teacher prints it in purple underneath.  Later in the year they would be able to print their own story. Each child has a turn to take it home and share it with family members.

Teach the Purple Cow poem, then make "purple cows" by pouring grape soda over vanilla ice cream.


Purple Cow

I've never seen a purple cow.

I never hope to see one.

But I can tell you this right now.

I'd rather see than be one!


Read this purple poem:


I saw a purple cow.

I one him

I two him

I three him

I four him

I five him

I six him

I seven him

I eight him!


Then eat "purple cows", which are grape soda ice cream floats.


After reading Lily's Purple Plastic Purse make purple purses out of purple paper and put purple things inside them.....purple grapes, purple crayon, purple popsicle, purple koolaid, purple lipstick, and a purple monster character for the purple people eater. After making the purple things we took each one out and discussed whether that item would be a good thing to carry in a real purse or would it be best kept somewhere else?  Why would it not be best kept in a purse? Sort the items into those that would be kept in a real purse thing and those that would be best in a make-believe purse.


Teach the Purple People Eater song for fun.





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