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Click on the crayons at the bottom of the page to check activities for other colors.

Literature relating to the color "blue":


The Blue Balloon ~ Mick Inkpen

Blueberries for Sal ~ Robert McCloskey

The Blue Ribbon Puppy

The Great Blue Grump ~ Jill Creighton

Is It Red? Is It Yellow? Is It Blue? ~ Tana Hoban
Little Blue and Little Yellow ~ Leo Leonni

Little Blue Ben ~ Phoebe Gilman

Mrs. Toggle's Beautiful Blue Shoe ~ Robin Pulver
Sue Likes Blue ~ Barbara Gregorich


Blue Song
(tune of Jingle Bells)
Blue, blue, blue,
Blue, blue, blue
B    L   U    E, blue.
Blue birds that fly.
Rivers and sky.
All are shades of blue.


Recite the nursery rhyme, Little Boy Blue

Eat blue jello jigglers

Read Blueberries for Sal and make blueberry muffins

Read the story "The Blue Balloon" by Inkpen. Then give the children a piece of blue paper, have them cut out what their blue balloon turned into, and take dictation. 


After reading the story, "The Blue Ribbon Puppy", the children dictate what they are the best at and draw it.  Each picture then gets a blue ribbon.



Color a bluebird and glue several real blue feathers on the project.

Make a large Blues Clues dog:




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