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Click on the crayons at the bottom of the page to check activities for other colors.

Literature relating to the color "black":


Ten Black Dots ~ Donald Crews

The Kissing Hand


Black Song
(tune of Jingle Bells)

Black, black, black.
Black, black, black.
B    L    A    C    K.
A witch's hat,
Her cat and bat.
All are shades of black.

Read "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" by Trapani; then do a directed drawing of a spider web and add a die cut spider. 

Recite Little Miss Muffet, play act it, and do a cut and paste sequence. You can also made spider hats using a black circle and four long black legs taped in the middle to make eight. Then accordion-fold the legs.


After reading Ten Black Dots, have them make their own version.  A shortcut would be just to give every child 10 black dots (punch out black paper with a hole punch if you don't want to buy black stickers) and make only one page with all ten dots.


Do a crayon resist picture of the night sky, then paint a black wash over the


Eat Oreos and graph which way they like to eat it

(separate first and lick off the filling, eat it all

together, etc.)


Teach them a rap of the color black:

Black is the night.  Black is a bat. 

Black is a big scary Halloween cat! 


Make a large black crayon out of butcher paper. Using chalk to write, brainstorm everything they can thing of that is the color black.






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