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Click on the crayons at the bottom of the page to check activities for other colors.

Literature relating to the color "green":


Go Away, Big Green Monster! ~ Ed Emberley

Green Eggs and Ham ~ Dr. Seuss

Green Wilma ~Tedd Arnold

Pickle Things ~ Marc Brown

Small Green Snake ~ Libba Moore Gray

Franklin series books

Froggy series books


Green Song
(tune of Jingle Bells)
Green, green, green.
Green, green, green
G    R    E    E    N.
Grass and leaves,
Beans and peas.
All are shades of green.

Did You Ever See A Lizard?
Tune of Did You Ever See a Lassie?)

Did you ever see a lizard,
A lizard, a lizard?
Did you ever see a lizard
All dressed up in green?
With green eyes and green nose
And green legs and green toes.
Did you ever see a lizard
All dressed up in green?

(You can use post-it notes to cover up
green with other color words.)


Green: Green eggs and ham, we compare on a graph: our favorite kind of egg and make green eggs and ham.


After reading “Little Blue and Little Yellow” by Leo Leonni, band a blue and yellow crayon together with a rubberband and let the kids color on white paper. Another idea is to let the kids fingerpaint with shaving cream to which a little blue and yellow liquid water color has been added.


Make Green Grouches in Garbage Cans.

Make green by fingerpainting with vanilla pudding and adding a small amount of blue food coloring.


Make a paper plate turtle with a green shell.

Make Oscar the Grouch. Using 35 mm film canisters, have the children cut a little square of newspaper (approx. 3X3") put a drop of glue in the bottom of the canister and then put the newspaper in so some sticks out of the top. Glue one green pom-pom on the newspaper and glue two tiny

squiggle eyes on the pom-pom.





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