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Literature relating to the color "orange":


The Big Orange Splot ~ Daniel Pinkwater

The Carrot Seed ~ Ruth Krause

Each Orange Had 8 Slices: A Counting Book ~ Paul Giganti

Orange in My World ~ Janne Winne

Orange Juice (Science Emergent Readers) ~ Betsey Chessen, Pamela Chanko

Runaway Orange ~ Felicity Brooke, Jo Litchfield

The Mystery of the Flying Orange Pumpkin ~ Steven Kellogg

I Feel Orange Today ~ Patricia Goodwin


Orange Song
(tune of Jingle Bells)

O   R   A    N    G    E.
Orange is just right.
Carrots growing,
Pumpkins glowing,
Shades of orange so bright.

Here's a cute project for making the color orange:

Give each child three small pieces of paper towel and a small container.  I pass around a container

of yellow bio color paint and one red bio color paint, (you can also use food coloring) each with an eye dropper. Using the eye droppers, they put some of each color into their container and then mix it with a tongue depressor.  It's great because we get all shades of orange. After their color is made, they take their pieces of paper towel and dip them into each of the three colors: red, yellow and orange. Next, they paste them on a piece of paper where the red and yellow are placed on top of one another and their new color on the other side.  Sometimes  we make it into an equation:


Red + Yellow = Orange


The Big Orange Spot is about a neighborhood where everything is the same until one day a bird
drops a bucket of orange paint on the roof of one house. The owner then paints the house to reflect his own uniqueness. Each neighbor then paints
their house to reflect each of their own uniqueness. I gave each child a house pattern to decorate and an orange spot to glue on to the house. It works great at the beginning of the year with colors, self awareness, and acceptance of others.

After reading The Carrot Seed, plant carrot seeds in milk cartons and compare lengths of various carrots before they eat the carrots.



Make orange by fingerpainting with yellow and red paints.

When dry, it can be cut out in an oval shape to make a pumpkin.




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