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Letters U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Updated 7-28-05





Letter U






Celebrate Upside Down Day by wearing a pin, glasses, tie, etc. upside down.

Make an upside down sundae. First sprinkles...

then whipped cream...

then chocolate sauce...

finally, ice cream!

TLC Art Umbrella bird






Letter V






TLC Viper






Letter W





It's Wacky Wednesday. Children dress in wacky clothes and we read the book, "Wacky Wednesday."


TLC Art Alphabet Book: Page W

Have a "Wild West" day. We made stick horses by coloring a horse's head (and a reversed head) and inserting a paint stick inside.







Letter X





TLC Art Alphabet Book: Page X

We made our arms into an "X" shape if we heard a word with the x sound at the end.






Letter Y





TLC Art Alphabet Book: Page Y





Letter Z




TLC Art Alphabet Book: Page Z









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