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Updated 8-6-03





ABC Homework




Its Aa week! Please do these activities with your child, and return this paper on Friday. Your child will earn a toy from the Happy Face box!
1. Tell your address to mom or dad.
2. Be an artist. Create something colorful.
3. Eat an apple for a snack.
4. Cut an apple in half. Find the star.
5. Make the sound of your favorite animal.
6. Sing the alphabet song.
7. Be an acrobat, and do 10 somersaults.
8. Write the letter A a (10 times)
9. Move like your favorite animal.

Oh boy! It's Bb week! Bring this paper back on Friday for a Happy Face toy!
1. Read a book.
2. Play with blocks.
3. Bounce a ball.
4. Talk about the day you were born with your mom or dad.
5. Count the buttons on Mommy/Daddy's shirt.
6. Ride your bicycle.
7. Fly like a butterfly.
8. Hop like a bunny.
9. Buzz like a bee.
10. Listen to the sound of birds outside.
11. Count the windows in your bedroom.
12. Drink a big glass of milk.
13. Draw a beautiful picture.
14. Growl like a bear.
15. Eat a banana.
16. Help make breakfast.
17. Look for brown fall colors.
18. Move your body to music. You can do it!

It's "Cc" week! A Counting Questionnaire! Just for fun! Help your child count these things:
1. Count the toothbrushes in your house.
2. How many bed in your home?
3. How many windows in your bedroom?
4. Count the trees in your yard.
5. Count the bathtubs in your house.
6. How many stuffed animals on your bed?
7. Count your toes.
8. How many clocks in your house?
9. Count the televisions in your home.
10. How many flashlights do you have in your home?
11. Check the smoke detectors in your house, and check the batteries.

"Dd" Week Activities
1. Have your dad read you a story.
2. Pretend to be a dog.
3. Quack like a duck.
4. Help mom and dad with the dishes.
5. Knock on your front door five times.
6. Dust the furniture.
7. Count a dozen dimes.
8. Draw a colorful picture.
9. Give dad a hug!

On to the letter "Ee!"
1. Walk and dance like an elephant.
2. Jump up and down eleven times.
3. Eat eight grapes or strawberries.
4. Go outside. What do you hear with your ears?
5. Cut out pictures of eyes and ears from old magazines.
6. Try to touch your elbow to your ear.
7. Use your eyes. What things do you see on the way to school?
8. Empty your glass of milk. (Drink it.)
9. Do some exercises.
10. Let a bowl of water evaporate.

I'm thinking of Flowers! It must be "F" week.
1. Tell a funny story to your mom.
2. Draw a picture of your family.
3. Jump up and down fourteen times.
4. Count forward, as far as you can go.
5. Hop like a frog.
6. Read your favorite story with someone in your family.
7. Help fix dinner or lunch.
8. Eat one of your favorite foods.
9. Fly like a bird.
10. Draw five triangles

It's "G" week.
1. Roll like a grape.
2. Wear green on Wednesday.
3. Give someone you love a big hug.
4. Play a game with mom or dad.
5. Move like a grasshopper.
6. Talk about the things you can grow in a garden.
7. Count the green things you see in nature.
8. Go to the grocery store.
9. Gallop around your backyard or in a park.
10. Make someone giggle.

Hi Kids, It's "H" week!
1. Tell mom what makes you happy.
2. How many pennies make ten cents?
3. Draw your house. Practice your address with someone.
4. Hop ten times on one foot.
5. Cut out a square and then a triangle. Put them together to make a house.
6. Gallop like a horse.
7. Hoot like an owl.
8. Pretend it's Halloween. What costume will you wear?
9. Hug a friend.
10.How many stars are in the sky

"I" Week
I have a picture of ice cream cones. The cones have numbers on them.
They have to draw the number of scoops on the right cones. "These ice-cream cones
are empty! Fill them up with scoops of ice-cream. Color in the flavors."

"J" week.
1. Find a calendar and count all the days in January.
2. Jump up and down ten times.
3. Tell someone in your family a joke.
4. Jump like a rabbit.
5. What flavor Jell-O do you like?
6. Wear jewelry at home.
7. Count all of the jars in your refrigerator. Have someone help you.
8. Do ten jumping jacks.
9. Jog in place for one minute.
10. Jump for joy, it's Friday

"K" week
1. Read a book about kittens.
2. Play kickball outside.
3. Watch mom or dad cook in the kitchen.
4. Make a colorful kite with a paper bag.
5. What is the name of baby kangaroos?
6. Use Kleenex when you sneeze.
7. How many keys in mom's purse?
8. Kiss your Mom/Dad.
9. Be a king, and wear a crown.
10. What do you like about kindergarten

"L" week
1. Listen to a story.
2. Hop on your left foot.
3. Look up in the sky. How many stars in the sky?
4. Draw ten long lines.
5. Tell your family that you love them.
6. Make yourself large and make yourself small.
7. Help sort the laundry.
8. Write the letters of the alphabet that you know.
9. Send a "love letter" to your grandma or grandpa. (Children draw a picture and send it in the mail.)
10. Look at the leaves on the trees. What color are they

"M" week
1. Look up at the sky. Do you see a full moon?
2. Tell Mommy/Daddy you love her/him.
3. Count how many coins in mommy's purse.
4. Move like a monkey.
5. Make a funny face in the mirror.
6. March to your favorite music.
7. Drink your milk, please.
8. Moooooooo like a cow.
9. Dance the macarena with Mommy.
10. Act like a monster, but only for a few minutes. :)
11. Cut out some pictures from an old magazine.
12. Squeak like a mouse.
13. Write the word, Mom

"N" week
1. Put the napkins on your table for dinner.
2. Count the nickels in Daddy's pocket.
3. Practice saying your phone number.
4. Look at the night sky. What do you see?
5. Jump nine times.
6. Print as many numbers that you know.
7. Write your name.
8. Look at the newspaper with Mom or Dad.
9. Name nine farm animals.
10. Be nice to your friends.

"O" week
1. Open and close your mouth.
2. Draw one picture for mom.
3. Put your socks on your feet.
4. Use an orange crayon to write ten O's
5. What does an orange taste like?
6. Climb over two pillows.
7. Go outside and play.
8. Hop on one foot.
9. How old are you?
10. What are opposite words for: on, hot, up, day, slow, left and happy.

"P" week
1. Eat a piece of fruit.
2. Put your pants and socks on all by yourself.
3. Paint or draw a pretty picture for your parents.
4. Count all the purple and pink things in your bedroom.
5. Say "please" and "thank you." Use your best manners, and try to be polite.
6. Count the pennies in mommy's purse. (Ask for permission first.)
7. Do a puzzle with your parents.
8. With help, pour yourself a glass of juice or milk.
9. Print your name on the back of this paper.
10. Please return this paper on Friday

For "Q" week, I make a quilt pattern.
I number the squares. Then the parents give directions for each square. Boxes:
1. yellow sun 2. brown square 3. green circle 4. purple moon 5. blue square 6. black line kite 8. orange A 9. brown leaf 10. a happy face 11. a rainbow 12. your name

"R" week
1. Draw a rainbow for someone you love.
2. Count all the red toys in your bedroom.
3. Listen to the radio.
4. Hop like a rabbit.
5. Draw five red rectangles.
6. Ring your doorbell.
7. Have fun with rhyming words.
8. Read your favorite nursery rhymes.
9. Crow like a rooster.
10. Roar like a lion.
11. Run in your backyard or park.

"S" week
1. Touch your shoes seven times. (While your shoes are on your feet, you sillies!)
2. Count the stars in the sky. **********
3. Draw a picture with a beautiful sky.
4. What kinds of things can you buy at the supermarket?
5. Walk like a spider.
6. Use a scissors to cut out some pictures from an old magazine.
7. Skip around your family room.
8. Listen to a story.
9. Crawl like a snail.~~~~~~~
10. Talk about being safe at home.
11. Make some funny animal sounds. (ssssssss like a snake)

"T" week
1. Move slowly like a turtle.
2. Touch your toes, two times.
3. Draw ten triangles.
4. Talk on the telephone to a friend.
5. Make yourself tiny.
6. Make yourself tall.
7. Tickle your tummy.
8. Tip toe around your kitchen.
9. Tell someone your telephone number.
10. Touch something soft.
11. Taste a new food.
12. What time is it?
13. Try throwing a ball as high as you can.
14. Tell a funny story

"U" week
1. If you were a unicorn, where would you play?
2. How many umbrellas in your home?
3. Reach up to the sky.
4. Look at seashells. Put them underwater in the bath tub.
5. What is your uncle's name?
6. Do you need an umbrella today?
7. What would be unusual to eat with ice-cream? (How about pickles or mustard?)
8. Pretend to fly up in the air.
9. Look up at the sky. Is it cloudy?
10. Write three

"V" week
1. Smell vanilla.
2. Run very fast.
3. Count the vehicles on your street.
4. Talk in a very soft voice.
5. Write the letter V
6. Sing in a very loud voice.
7. Taste a vegetable. What color was it?
8. Visit a friend.
9. Smell vinegar.
10. Crawl very slowly.
11. Make a V with your arms

"W" week
1. Look for signs of winter.
2. Walk around your house five times.
3. Count the windows in your kitchen.
4. Walk like an elephant
5. Wiggle like a worm.
6. Try to whistle.
7. Eat or drink something warm.
8. Look outside. What is the weather like?
9. Count the number of wheels on your car.
10. Write your name.
11. Make a wish upon a star.
12. Watercolor a pretty picture for our classroom. (If you don't have watercolors, use crayons instead.)

"X" week: I have a picture with animals on it. You can use something else. This is another listening experience for the parents to do with their child.
1. Put a green X on the animal that gallops.
2. Put a red X on the animal that was once a caterpillar.
3. Put a purple X on the largest animal.
4. Mark an orange X on the animal that lives in the water.
5. Put a X on the animal that chases cats. Etc.

"Y" week
1. Count all the yellow toys in your room.
2. Yell, I love you to someone in your family.
3. Draw a colorful picture, with a bright yellow sun.
4. Clean your room, please.
5. Write the word, Yes.
6. Eat something yellow.
7. Look at yourself in the mirror, and pat yourself on the back for being such a special person.
8. Play with a yo-yo.
9. Name a yellow bird.
10. Do you have yarn in your home? What color is it?
11. Show your parents a big yawn.

"Z" week Zippity Do Dah, it's Z week!
1. Zoom across the room.
2. Gallop like a zebra.
3. Act like your favorite zoo animal.
4. Put zero fingers in the air.
5. Name ten zoo animals.
6. Zip your jacket.
7. Write the letter Z.
8. Zig zag across the room.
9. What words rhyme with zoo?
10. Go to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.










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