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The photos and ideas on the following pages are examples of kindergarten literacy activities from my classroom and from Internet chatboards. Please be patient--it may take a few minutes to view the pictures.

Updated 7-27-05






Sight Word

Recognition Activities



This idea came from the Kidwriting website. Use flashlights to shine light on specific words while reciting this rhyme:
"Flashlight, flashlight, oh so bright.
Shine on a word with all your light!"







This game is called "Erase the Face". Divide students into two teams as they line up behind each other. Draw two pictures that relate to a theme or holiday. Show a word to the front person on one team. If they know the word, they can erase part of the picture (like an arm or an eye). Continue alternating teams to see which team can "erase the face" first.

Throw bean bags on to flash cards and students read what is on the card.



Colors were hidden on the underside of these fish and students played a Memory game to find them.










Have a snowball fight! Write words on paper and crumple them up into balls. Give each student one or two snowballs to throw. After  15 to 30 seconds, students open the snowballs closest to them and read the words.

These snowballs can be reused.











Students always love word bingo. In the game above, words are written on the flowers of petals and small pieces of candy are used for markers. Everyone "wins" because they get to eat the candy when the game is over.






Play the Parking Lot Game. Make a template of parking spaces and fill in with words to be reinforced. Park a Hot Wheels car on the designated word (or letter or number.)







Students fish for sight words. Tie a magnet on to the end of a string and attach paper clips to fish with words written on them.




Play the CRASH game. Some cars have sight word on them and about one-fourth of the cars have the word "CRASH" on them. Students choose a card from the pile. If they can read it they get to keep choosing cars until they don't know the word or they get a CRASH car. (Students get to keep the CRASH cars also.) I like this game because having so many CRASH cars evens out the chances for students who don't know all of the words. Make your own Crash game.







The children wear crowns to help remember words.
The girl is the "Wiz of is", while the boy is the "star of are". This idea came from the book, "Kidwriting".
Information about this program can be found at the Kidwriting website:

Patterns for other crowns can be found here:









We are playing trashcan basketball. He got one chance to make a basket if he could read a flashcard.






Shower Curtain Keyboard Games

Cut a shower curtain in half and draw out the keyboard from the computer, just the numbers and letters. Have the students (spell) tap

out (with the fly swatter) their names at the beginning of the year and word wall words

later in the year.  This is an easy center also because it can be folded up and put away so easily.
Use the other half of the shower curtain and divide it into 24 rectangles. Write a star word in each rectangle. They tap on the words they know or throw beanbags and read the words.




Boys Vs. Girls
Put a grid on the board with 3 columns: Boys, Girls, and Mrs. ___. The teacher pulls a boy and a girl name stick (names on popsicle sticks) and these two come up to the front and sit in two chairs. Show them a flash card of a sight word and the person who says it first gets a point for their team. If someone NOT in the chairs says the word or it gets too loud, the teacher gets a point.








Sight Wall Baseball

Use four beanbags or books for bases. Divide the class into 2 teams. One team is up at a time. That teacher “pitches” the words to the “hitter”

by showing one flash card. Each child moves one base if he can read the word. When a child goes home, they score a point for their team. When a child misses a word, he is out. Decide ahead of time how many “innings” will be played. The team with the most points wins.








Make football-shaped cards with sight words on them. Place all cards face down. Each child has a football field grid and a small football shaped marker (could be an eraser or button). When they have read ten words, they score a touchdown.





ZAP game
 Use large craft sticks. Write one word on the end of each stick. For every 25 sticks, add three ZAP sticks. The kids take turns pulling a stick out of a cup. If they can read it, they keep it. If they can't, they put it back in the cup. If they get "zapped" they put all of their sticks back in the cup. At the end of a set time (about 5 minutes), the winner is the one with the most sticks.




Cookie Jar Game


Students get to place one cardboard cookie on their cookie jar for every word they can read.
















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