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Created 7-26-05





Letter Recognition Ideas for SCHOOL Practice




Walking Around The Alphabet” is on a record by Hap Palmer, but this can be done to any music. Use the big stepping stone alphabet tiles for this game and put them on the floor in a circle. The children walk around the circle while the music plays and stop when the music stops. Then say,

Pick up letter near your toes.

When the teacher points to you, say the letter you chose.

Then put the letter back on the ground.

Stand up tall and march around.


Display the alphabet in many places around the room. With the lights off and curtains closed, the teacher shines a flashlight on a letter and calls on a child to say the letter name. Another variation of this is holding up a letter, for example a P, and say, “Can you find a P?” Then the child shines the flashlight on the P in the alphabet chart.


Scatter flashcard letters on the rug and ask for a certain letter to be found. As you say the letter name, write it on a chart. After the child finds the letter, ask for a different one.


Toss a beanbag on to a shower curtain that has the alphabet written on it.


In the book Month by Month for Kindergarten- working with letter instruction through the children's names.


Play Letter Bingo once a week. Be sure to say and write the letter name for the class.

Read and point to the alphabet 2-3 times daily.

Say this rhyme and use a card printed with the alphabet to do the activity. Children call out a letter and we as a class read and point to every letter until we get to the one that was called out.

Ice Cream, Ice Cream,
Soda Pop!
Tell me, Tell me,
When to stop!


During calendar time, spell the names days/months.


Play Four Corners, but label the corners of the room with letters (and later sight words), instead of numbers.


Choose a focus letter to highlight (or put a wikki stick on) during shared reading, morning message or in a pocket chart.


Use rubberbands to make alphabet letters on geoboards.


Use letter shaped foods (these are Meijer brand pretzels) for alphabet recognition and forming words.









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