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Room 4

Mrs. Flanagan's Kindergarten    


Sept. 8, 2008

A Peek at the Week

Color word "blue"
Square shape

Letter Mm and its sound
New vocabulary word "is"
Alphabet review
Farm animals and products
AB patterns, sorting in math

New Words



Poems or Songs

(Jingle Bells tune)
Blue, blue, blue.
Blue, blue, blue.
B     L     U     E, blue.
Blue birds that fly,
Rivers and sky.
All are shades of blue.

Alphabet Sound Chant for Letter M

(This is a little saying to help us remember the letter sound.)


Marshmallow, marshmallow, m-m-m. (Rub tummy)

From the

Teacher's Desk

Thursday is Blue Show and Tell Day--bring something blue to share.


Thursday night's homework will have 2 parts--a practice writing paper for letter M and also bringing in a farm product (can of corn, leather belt, etc.) The homework will be due on Friday.


We are lucky to have a kindergarten tutor, Miss Neiger, this year. For the first few weeks she will be working with every child in the class twice a week on name writing and rhyming skills. Please sign and return the Compact for Reading form that is enclosed. Thanks!

Book of

the Week

Mrs. Wishy Washy


Please encourage your children to print their names the "school" way, with a capital for the first letter and lower case letters for the rest of their names.



Thanks for your help with the weekly homework, and show and tell! We appreciate all of the treasure chest and snack items you've sent for sharing.

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