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Room 4

Mrs. Flanagan's Kindergarten    


Sept. 2, 2008

A Peek at

the Week

Reinforce color word "red"

Circle shape
New vocabulary word "the"
Alphabet review
Name activities
Sorting and AB patterns in math

Traffic Safety

New Words



Poems or Songs

Boa Constrictor Song
I'm being eaten by a boa constrictor              

And I don't like it at all! (SHAKE HEAD)
Oh, oh, oh--he's got my toe, toe, toe. (GRAB TOES)
Gee, gee, gee--he's got my knee, knee, knee.

My, my, my--he's got my thigh, thigh, thigh.    (TOUCH THIGHS)

Fiddle, fiddle, fiddle--he's got my middle, middle, middle.  (HUG SELF AND TWIST AT WAIST)
Heck, heck, heck--he's got my neck, neck, neck.
Dear, dear, dear--he's got my ear, ear, ear. (HOLD EARS)
Dread, dread, dread--he's got my head, head, head. 

From the

Teacher's Desk

     The school year is off to a great start thanks to your wonderful children and  your support. The children are adjusting nicely  and getting comfortable with the rules and routines.

     This week the children will have an All About Me homework paper that is due on Friday.   I'm sending home this week's homework tonight so you have some extra time because there are several pages to complete. There are 2 coloring pages of a child's shirt and pants to be colored neatly. There are also several short questions for your child to answer (parents can do the writing!)  I will print out a photo of your child's face and glue it to the top  to create a large picture of each student.  We'll share these in class and then  post these on our lockers so the whole school can get to know our "little giraffes"! Thanks for sending in last week's homework paper about how they got ready for kindergarten.
     There is a book order form attached. If you want to order, return it to school by Friday.  Make checks payable to Scholastic Books.

    We'll also have Music on Tuesdays. Wednesday will be our day to visit the Library. Thursday will be our Gym class. (Your child should wear sneakers. If girls wear a dress, they need to wear shorts under it.) Thursdays will also be our Show and Tell Day; the show and tell item this week should be red in color (only ONE item please).  Friday will be our Art day.
    Our web page is up and running. Check out  Click on Parents, then Photo Gallery to see some pictures from last week. I will also print them out and send them home with the newsletter each week, but they look much better in color on the computer! Our newsletters and vocabulary words are also online.

    Please try to purchase school supplies as soon as possible. Every child needs a dry erase board (with an eraser and dry erase marker), a box of crayons (16-24), 2 glue sticks, a bottle of Elmer's glue, scissors (Fiskar's work the best!) and 2 pencils.

Book of

the Week

Chicka, Chicka,

   Boom, Boom


Please allow your children to find their own locker each morning and  unpack their notebooks and lunches. Don't forget to join the Pfeiffer PTA !



Thanks for sending in the great snacks and treasure chest items. Almost everyone returned the first week's homework--yeah!

Thanks for looking at the GIRAFFE notebooks each night and removing the items.

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