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The photos on the pages listed below offer some math instructional ideas.


Created 8-14-03

Math Number Word Songs


Number Words 

(Jingle Bells tune)


O - N - E, O - N -  E,

One, one, one, one, one.

A one man band

Alone will stand

He is only one.


T - W - O, T - W - O,

Two, two, two, two, two.

A pair of mittens.

Two little kittens.

Both are number two.


Three, three, three,

Three, three, there,

T - H - R - E - E.

A triceratops

Who hops, hops, hops.

That is number three.


Four, four, four.

Four, four, four.

F - O - U - R, four.

A car's four wheels.

Two pair of heels.

That is number four.


Five, five, five.

Five, five, five.

F - I - V - E, five.

Five pennies in a nickel.

Five slices of pickle.

That is number five.


S - I - X, S - I - X,

Six, six, six, six, six.

A half dozen eggs,

Three pair of legs.

That is number six.


Seven, seven, seven,

Seven, seven, seven.

S - E - V - E - N.

A week's seven days.

Seven lunch trays.

That is number seven.


Eight, eight, eight,

Eight, eight, eight.

E - I - G - H - T.

An octopus's arms.

A bracelet's eight charms.

That is number eight.


Nine, nine, nine,

Nine, nine, nine.

N - I - N - E, nine.

Nine kids on a team.

Nine fish in a stream.

That is number nine.


T - E - N, T - E - N,

Ten, ten, ten, ten, ten.

Ten toes on your feet,

Ten cars on the street.

That is number ten.


Zero, zero, zero,

Zero, zero, zero.

Z - E - R - O, zero.

A box with no crayons,

Empty hands.

That is number zero.



(Tune: "Farmer in the Dell")


O - n - e spells one.
O - n - e spells one.
Spelling numbers is such fun.
O - n - e spells one.


T -w -o spells two.
T - w - o spells two.
I can spell and so can you.
T - w - o spells two.


Three - It's as easy as can be. . .


Four - I can spell even more. . .


Five - I can spell and I can jive. . .


Six - Number words are a trick. . .


Seven - We're so hot we are sizzlin'. . .


Eight - We are smart. We are great. . .


Nine - Lookin' good and spellin' fine. . .


Ten - Now, let's do it once again. . .





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