Little Giraffes Teaching Ideas
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The photos on the pages listed below offer some math instructional ideas.


Updated 7-28-05

Number Sense  





Students in the left photo are using goldfish crackers to show sets that are more than or less than the fish in each box. Above, students use  double ten frames (from Math Their Way) to illustrate the concept that 11 is one ten and one more.


Use pipe cleaners between cubes to demonstrate one-to-one correspondence.


The children matched pumpkins and ghosts to find which group had fewer and which had more.


They are playing a game to see who turns over the "greater" number card (similar to the card game War).

Write the numbers from 0-10 on the chalkboard or on a shower curtain. Divide class into teams and give each team a fly swatter. Call out a number and have the first team member “swat” the answer. Continue playing, giving each team a point for correct answers.

For math homework, have children look for numbers in their home. They could draw a picture of each item that shows a number and even write the numbers that were displayed (clock, microwave, phone, house number, etc.)

Put counting chips in a can, one for each child in the class. Have these chips labeled with the numerals 1-20 (or the number of students in the class). When it’s time to line up, have each child draw a chip from the can and line up in numerical order. Later in the year, the chips could be labeled multiples of five to practice counting to 100 by fives or they could be labeled with number words.






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