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The photos and ideas on the following pages are examples of kindergarten literacy activities from my classroom and from Internet chatboards.

Updated 8-13-03







Examples of Center

Rotations and Set-up

Example One

Have five centers that stay the same, except the task or activities change. The five centers are: Book Center, Writing Center, Phonics Center, Pocket Chart/Magnet Board Center and Listening Center. Literacy centers usually last about 15 - 20 minutes. The students are divided into five groups. They go to only one center each day to do the assigned task. By the end of the week they have done all five center tasks. After literacy centers, they may go back to any of the centers, but they have to wait to do the required task. After centers some children share what they did at their center.


Example Two

Have students work with partners during center time. When they work in a pair vs. a group of four or five, they generally don't bicker or fight. So if you have 20 students, for each week there will be 10 centers going on in the room at the same time, each with two children. Suggested "core" centers are:
Science/math table
Water table

Teacher (guided reading)
All the centers are basically located in a circle around the room. The names of the students are in a pocket chart with the first center where they begin; they stay there until the teacher rings a bell (about 20 minutes) Then they get up and move to the next center. The students are always moving in a circle around the room for centers. They know clearly where they are to go next. Students complete three centers a day and some even repeat some centers toward the end of the week. If there is a product from the center, they place it in a basket on the teacherís desk to be checked.


Example Three

Using Fountas and Pinnellís workboard, have five groups go to five different centers daily for approximately 10-12 minutes.

Group 1 goes to writing, then reading center
Group 2 art, then blocks
Group 3 ABC, then home center
Group 4 listening, then computers
Group 5 science (or social studies), then puzzles/games

There is a product in the first center rotation, not in the second. They don't have to go to the second center. They can stay in the first center the whole time. At first, listening doesn't have a product, but then later, they respond in their journals. Sometimes, ABC doesn't have a product. It could be white boards and dry erase markers, ABC puzzles and games, but it usually has a product. Home center doesn't have a product, but when paper, markers, clipboards, and junk paper is put in there, they come up with something they want to share. Other centers that are sometimes used are Write around the Room with clipboards, Read around the Room with pointers, browsing baskets (guided reading books they've read), buddy reading, and overhead.

Our clean-up system includes playing music (one song-3 times) and they have their centers cleaned and their work on the tops of the tables ready to share. They always share writing center or Write around the room first, then go to ABC, Art, and Science last. The children know exactly what to do to make it a snappy pace, but it takes practice.


Example Four

I have 20 kids and 5 centers. The Literacy Center time goes from about 9:30-11. There are 5 groups of 4 and I tried to put one very high student, two average and one low in the group.
Group 1 always starts off at the journal table for a writing activity.

Group 2 changes daily. Some activities include ABC BINGO, SIGHT WORD BINGO, ABC memory, sight word memory. (The students may help each other in these games because they are learning.) Sometimes they do ABC puzzles, playdough, cutting pictures from magazines that correspond to letter sounds, or highlighting word wall words with a yellow crayon.
Group 3 is the Listening Center. Activities include the sign language alphabet from Dr. Jean and a sign language chart, books and tapes, and following direction tapes.
Group 4 goes to the library (Reading Center). There is a beanbag there and stuffed animals. They read to each other or to their stuffed animals.
GROUP 5 is the handwriting group. They may write their ABC's or those that can't quite get it, I just give them a copy of the abc's and they trace it with a yellow crayon.
Each rotation lasts about 15 minutes. When the bell rings, they get up and rotate on their own.












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