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The photos and ideas on the following pages are examples of kindergarten literacy activities from my classroom and from Internet chatboards.

Updated 8-7-03







Beginning Centers

During the first few days or weeks, keep the children at their tables during center time. For the first few days, put something on each table that takes no explanation--legos, blocks, etc. Talk about how to play with the materials--keep them on the table, etc. Also talk about what to do when time is up--clean up and put the materials back in their proper spot. Throughout the week, the children rotate around the room, so they are at a different table every day. That is all we do for the first few days. We don't have centers for very long at this point (15 minutes, or so). After a time, introduce an activity at one of the tables which requires more explanation. When a few more days have passed, introduce another activity. Keep introducing new activities, until there are enough to introduce a workjob board. It's hard to know when to do this---it just depends on your class and if you think they are ready to follow a chart.

Even though we always wonder how we will get them into a routine, somehow it all comes together. The key is to start with the familiar and take baby steps to progress toward the end result. Don't throw too much at them at once. Make sure you have modeled how to use the materials before starting the workjob board--or whatever center organizer that you use. Even after the workjob board has been introduced, have the children meet in front of the board and talk about it---"Where are you going to go first? When it is time for them to rotate to a new center, we meet back in front of the workjob board and talk again--"Where are you going second?" and so on.











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