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Dear Parents,

        Welcome to the 2008-2009 school year!  This is an exciting time for your child, although he/she may be a little apprehensive about going to "real" school. This is also a time of mixed emotions for parents---joy that your child is ready for school, but sadness because he/she is no longer a "baby"!  The first day of school will mark one of the most important milestones in your child's life.

        Be assured that I will do my best to make this school year an enjoyable time for your child, but also a time filled with real learning. Please do not think your child will be just "playing" all day! The skills we practice daily in kindergarten are the building blocks for your child's future success in school and in life!

        Provide some background information regarding yourself and your family.

         Please review The ABC's of Kindergarten, our kindergarten handbook, which will tell you everything you've always wanted to know (and more!) about our classroom policies and procedures. You may want to refer to this throughout the school year. Classroom supplies are listed in The ABC's of Kindergarten and on the Supplies page of our class website link below (

         I'm looking forward to meeting you and your child at our Open House on ___________  This will give your child an opportunity to drop off his/her supplies and become familiar with our school and classroom. He/She can find his/her desk and locker. This should help relieve some of those "first day jitters". The first day of school is Wednesday, August 27.

       If you have any questions or concerns, you may call me at school or e-mail me by using the link below.


Mrs. Flanagan






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