Little Giraffes Teaching Ideas
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Our Igloo



There are 23 jugs hot glued together in our base row. The yardstick helps to maintain the circular shape.



Row 2 consists of 22 jugs.



There were not quite enough jugs to complete Row 3. So far we've used 63 jugs.



We are now four rows high--84 jugs. On the next row, we'll begin forming the dome of the igloo. The yardstick will be a base for the row above the doorway.



For Row 5, we are beginning to make the dome of the igloo.



We're beginning to use our igloo for a reading center, even though it's not quite complete.



We're almost there!






It took 155 one gallon jugs to complete our igloo. We are using our igloo as a reading center now.



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