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Father's Day Theme


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We Love Our Moms and Dads: Patterns for Student Created Mother's Day and Father's Day Keepsake Book



Copy two garden gloves to make into a funny coupon book. Written on the cover is  "I Want to Give My Dad a Hand! The children can write a personal message on the  inside of the front cover glove. Have the children lick and seal a letter sized envelope. Cut it off abut halfway down to make a pocket to hold the coupons. Glue the envelope to the back cover glove. Insert the coupons. Staple the gloves together at the wrist area to make it into a card. The coupons were copied from an actual card. They say things such as Good for One Breakfast in Bed and Good for 15 Uninterrupted Minutes in the Bathroom. These patterns may need to be enlarged slightly.

       Coupons 1-2            Glove Cover

       Coupons 3-4            Glove Back Page

         Coupons 5-6

         Coupons 7-8






Stamp several fish on blue construction paper that has been cut to fit a small coffee can. Seaweed has already been drawn along the bottom of the paper. Put a pack of goldfish crackers inside the can with a note, "You're a great catch, Dad!"






Make a keychain using twine and beads. It only takes 5 beads.




Cut a 12 inch piece of twine and fold in half.

Make a knot about an inch from the fold. The kids put on the I bead and knot again. Put on the heart bead and make a knot. Put on the DAD beads and make a knot. Leave about a half inch tail and cut off the excess twine.  Put the fold end through a keychain circle. Insert the other end through the middle of the fold and pull to tighten.


Handprint Poem for Dad's Pillowcase


Have children put their handprints in paint on a pillowcase. Use a T-shirt transfer to iron this poem on the pillowcase.



Everyday I am growing up

And soon I will be so tall

That the handprints on this case

May be very hard to recall.


So here are two of my handprints

On this pillowcase to stay

and show you how my fingers looked

This year on Father's Day.






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