Little Giraffes Teaching Ideas
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Created 7-27-05





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Animals in Winter

(hibernation and migration)





Animal Body Coverings  

These "bracelets" are from a Teacher's Helper magazine. The children twist them to match the 2 animals with the name of the body covering (fur, feathers, shell).




We made two turtles from playdough. We were experimenting to see how a turtle's shell protects a turtle.  This girl used her hand to smash one of the turtles. She put a plastic cup over the other turtle. She could not smash this turtle because the cup protected the turtle, just as a real turtle's shell would.



We brought animals for show and tell and sorted them by body covering.


Animal Homes   


This is our Habitat Domino game from Teacher's helper magazine. We played this by matching the animal to its habitat on another domino.



This is a habitat matching wheel, another activity from Teacher's Helper magazine. She matched each animal to its home.


The students wear necklaces that have a picture of either an animal or its home. They have to find their partner.


Animal Camouflage   


Prior to the activity, we talk about and show photos of army uniforms--green for blending in with the jungle and beige for the sand. We discuss how animals often blend in with their surroundings and the reasons for this. I give the children this  background for the animal camouflage activity and the animals to cut out. The students try to find the best area to "hide" their animals. The children bring in a stuffed animal from home the next day and try to find an area of the classroom to camouflage their own animals.



Camouflage was demonstrated by finding a place to "hide" an Ellison cut polar bear.


Other Animal Activities  


During our rainforest unit we found out that a three-toed sloth will only move 6 feet in one minute. We stood in a line, watched the second hand on the clock and took baby steps to move as slowly as a sloth.


Rubber snakes were placed on this addition math mat to help solve a problem. Any other water animal could have been used (frogs, ducks, goldfish crackers, etc.) The addition mat could be changed for each theme, such as a barnyard for farms or zoo cages for zoos.


This snake was made in an AB pattern.










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