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Created 8-6-03





Alphabet Sound Teaching Tubs


Alphabet Sounds Teaching Tubs

These tubs are made by Lakeshore Products. They consist of 26 small containers of items beginning with the initial letter sounds.  This is a game that can be played with them (besides the obvious dumping the objects out of a few tubs and having

the children sort them back into the correct tubs).


The "Magic Sound" game helps children recognize the SOUND of the letters.  Show  the tub and make the sound of the letter; for example, /f/.  Then have the class make the sound with you.  Ask if anyone knows what letter makes that sound.

Then tell them that the magic sound today is /f/.  The rules of the game: 

All the children sit up straight with their hands in their laps and softly close their eyes - no squinting or covering their eyes is allowed, so that you can easily see who is "getting it".  The magic sound is the only thing that can make their eyes pop open! 


Here is a sample dialogue of the game using the example /f/:

Teacher:  /m/, /m/ , /m/ is the sound of ....

Students:  M! (this offers a great chance to review letters they might have

difficulty with!!!)

Teacher:  /s/, /s/, /s/ is the sound of ....

Students: S or C!

(I do a different number each time so they never know when the magic will

happen.)  Finally, I say...

Teacher:  /f/, /f/, /f/ (by now eyes should be open!) is the sound of ....

Students:  Magic!!!  (And then I have them all make the sound again.)


Then I take an object out, show it to them and say, " Name this object that

begins with f."  If they say the wrong word, I remind them it has to begin

with the magic sound of /f/.  (The one that comes to mind is yacht in the Y tub---

they all want to say "boat".  Many don't know what a yacht is.)

I place the object on my easel and continue with the 6 objects in the tub. 

Then, as I place each object back in the tub, they say the names of the objects again.  This helps them remember the names those objects go by for when they work independently or in pairs with the letter tubs (sorting.)

 Also, the names of the 6 objects are spelled out inside the lid, so they can read

those words also. (and it helps you to know what you're looking for if there

are only 5 objects in a tub!)










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